FRS Engineering is now closed.

My motorcycle building and racing have been retired

as I move on with my ministry and missions, building

the Kingdom of God on Earth.


Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the

years. May God bless, protect, and provide for you

in all your endeavors.

Randy Smith



Please watch the video below and consider a

tax-deductible donation to our H.O.P.E. Ministry

(Homeless Outreach/Partners of Encouragement)



We are trying to raise the money to buy a 20ft.

enclosed trailer to more efficiently serve the

homeless and needyin our local communities.




Please Visit me here:

Teach My Kenyan Children


Please Visit and Consider Support to

Teach My Kenyan Children

God created humankind in His image with the capacity to think His
thoughts after Him. He has chosen to communicate with us through
His Written Word, the Bible. God intends that His children learn to
read and write, that we may worship and fellowship with Him through
His Word. The mind that is taught to commune with the Sovereign
God of the universe will learn to know the Truth, Jesus Christ, and
the Truth will set him free. At TMKC, we strive to bring a sound
education to the impoverished of East Africa.

TMKC Goals:
Increase and promote educational access and success for students in TMKC schools
Develop and facilitate school, home, church, and community relationships
Provide training and professional development for TMKC partners
Provide assistance for facilities renovation and improvement.
Promote health and well being of children in TMKC schools

In rural Kenya (on the eastern coast of Africa), where
a family’saverage income ranges from $35-$75 per month, parents
struggle and sacrifice to send their children to school. Recent statistics
indicate a population of 7.3 million school-age children, many who do
not attend school because their families cannot afford school fees. 
Many of these children have special learning challenges calling for
immediate attention.  Rural primary schools in Kenya serve children from
Baby Class (3 to 4-year olds) through Standard 8 (eighth grade). 
Classrooms are overcrowded and dark, with no heat or electricity, nor
glass in the window openings.  Floors are hard-packed dirt.  Rain draining
off the tin roof provides the sparse water supply.  Conditions are harsh
and difficult yet teachers, parents and students persevere because
education is highly valued.  Through a cooperative program with student’
families, TMKC grants scholarships to assist eligible students who otherwise
would not be financially able to attend secondary school.  A full tuition
scholarship ranges from $400 to $450 per year. 
The need is great.

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